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Board of Directors and Staff

The Community Foundation of West Alabama is administered by a board of local citizens who were carefully chosen to represent the community’s best interests. These individuals are widely recognized for their service to the community in many areas. Each of the members brings his or her own experience and background, whether in business, community service, law, education, finance or other areas to bear on the direction of the Foundation’s work. Their experience with local issues and knowledge of changing economic and social conditions strengthens their ability to work on behalf of the Community Foundation.  

011_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0470.jpg

Pierce Boyd

008_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0459.jpg

Sam P. Faucett

Chris McCool_edited.jpg

Chris McCool

010_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0464.jpg

Thomas A. Nettles

Susan Cork_edited_edited.jpg

Susan Cork


Phyllis Gamble

012_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0473.jpg

Lin Moore

Glenn Taylor 2018.jpg

Glenn Taylor

007_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0455.jpg

Claude Edwards

Jim 3.jpg

James Harrison, III


Pam Parker

001_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0432.jpg

Rebecca Elmore

Admin Assistant
013_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0474.jpg

John England

003_ Terri Lane Photography_CFWA_IMG_0443.jpg

Bobby Ingram


David Pass



Glenn Taylor – President/CEO

Rebecca Elmore – Administrative Assistant


Former Directors:

  • Jody Blackburn

  • John L. Blackburn

  • Davis S. "Buddy" Burton, Jr.

  • Marion Combs

  • John T. "Jack" DeWitt

  • Jim Flemming

  • Laura Gregory

  • P. Fred Hahn, Sr.

  • Shelley Jones

  • Barry Mason
  • Gina Miers

  • Anne Moman

  • Larry O'Neal

  • Mary Bess Paluzzi

  • Tim Parker

  • Gordon Rosen

  • Hugh Stegall

  • Charles Storey

  • William A. Tate

  • William W. Walker, Jr.

Current Directors:

  • Lin Moore, CIC, CEO, Pritchett-Moore Insurance, Inc.

  • Claude Edwards, President, Bryant Bank

  • Bobby Ingram, Shareholder,JamisonMoneyFarmer PC

  • Leah Ann Sexton, Vice President,McAbee Construction, Inc.

  • Pierce Boyd, retired Merrill Lynch Investment Manager

  • Susan Cork, Secretary of Phifer, Inc. and Manager of the Reese Phifer Jr. Memorial Foundation

  • John England, Retired Circuit Judge

  • Sam Faucett, Retired Regional President,
    Regions Bank

  • Phyllis Gamble, Vice President, Private Banking, SmartBank

  • James I. Harrison, III, retired Tuscaloosa
    businessman and civic leader

  • Chris McCool, Judge, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Thomas A. Nettles, IV, General Counsel,
    McAbee Construction, Inc.

  • Pam Parker, retired Vice President of Advancement, University of Alabama

  • David Pass, Partner, The Sealy Companies

  • Glenn Taylor, President/CEO of CFWA

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