Financial Report



Grants authorized: $1.275 million
Number of funds under management: 60

Minimum fund size: $10,000
Average fund size: $179,000
Largest fund: $1.95 million

Gifts to the Community Foundation: $664,166

Assets (total): $9 million

Operating expenses: 0.9% of total assets
Staffing: 3 PTEs

IRS E.I. Number:     63-1225003
Scholarship Information – 9 recipients received a total of $17,000 in scholarships.

Audit Information – A complete audit is conducted yearly by LeCroy, Hunter & Company, P.C., Northport, AL.  All audit information is available for review at the CFWA office.

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Grant Cycles – For charitable organizations we offer 2 grant cycles each year with deadlines of April 1 and October 1.  Additionally we offer educational grants available to teachers each fall with a deadline of November 1.  Applications for both grant cycles can be found online at




2015 Disbursal Statistics

2015 marked the 5th consecutive year the CFWA has surpassed the $1 million mark in disbursals to our local charities.  The graph below shows a breakdown of how those funds were distributed.


CFWA 2015 Financial Distribution

$1.275 Million





Financial State    December 31, 2015


Year                              Grants Awarded                         Gifts Received            Total Assets


2015                              1,275,347                                      664,166                    8,939,798


Years 1999-2015


                        Year                                      Grants Awarded                           Gifts Received


1999-2014                                   14,141,035                                 21,470,696


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Why?                                   To honor a special person, to memorialize a loved one, to gain a tax deduction, or to leave a legacy

How much?                        Any gift is appreciated, and you can open a new named fund for $10,000

What assets?                     Cash, stock, bonds, property, insurance and more

Who?                                  Anyone who cares about the future of our community


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Audit Information:

IRS Tax Payer ID: 63-1225003

All audit information is available for review at the CFWA office.