Final Grant Report


Final Grant Report


This report is due within one year of grant award.  Our Board of Directors will not consider future requests from your organization without a report.  Please provide information for the following questions.


ORGANIZATION:  __________________________________Date Grant Received:  __________________


PHONE:  __________________________________________E-MAIL:  ____________________________


PROJECT TITLE:  _______________________________________________________________________


TOTAL GRANT AWARDED:  $______________ TOTAL OF EXPENDITURES:  $__________________


GRANT FUNDS STILL REMAINING:  $____________________________


  1. Were funds fully utilized on the grant project? Yes                  No


  1. Did the project continue without modification? Yes                  No


If no is answered to any of either of these questions, please attach a statement explaining the reason and any action proposed.



Attach additional pages to address the following questions.  These pages are to be included with the signed Final Grant Report.


  1. Brief description of project for which you received funding. (two or three sentences)
  2. List grant expenditures.
  3. As your agency concludes this grant award, please address the following as applicable:
  • Program/project goal: A broad statement that describes what you accomplished with the funding.
  • Outputs: Direct outcomes of program/project operation (e.g., number of classes taught, number of clients served, etc.)
  • Outcomes: Benefit to participants during or after participation in the program/project.
  • Describe any difficulties, if any, you encountered in carrying out the grant activity.
  • What lasting or unexpected benefits resulted due to this grant?


  1. Provide a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the project. This evaluation will help us    as a Foundation to improve our grantmaking.
  2. Attach any publicity generated due to this award (enclose newspaper articles, awards or other third party recognitions). Include pictures of the project if possible.



_________________________________________              _______________________________________

Signature of Project Director                                                  Print Name



_________________________________________              _______________________________________

Signature of Chief Executive Officer                                     Print Name

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