Board of Directors

The Community Foundation of West Alabama is administered by a board of local citizens who were carefully chosen to represent the community’s best interests.  These individuals are widely recognized for their service to the community in many areas.  Each of the members brings his or her own experience and background, whether in business, community service, law, education, finance or other areas to bear on the direction of the Foundation’s work.  Their experience with local issues and knowledge of changing economic and social conditions strengthens their ability to work on behalf of the Community Foundation.  In addition, the Community Foundation has an Advisory Board which assists the Board of Directors in understanding the broader issues in all nine counties of West Alabama.


Current Directors:

 Thomas A. Nettles, IV – Chairman

Mary Bess Paluzzi – Vice President

William A. Tate – Vice President

Barry Mason – Secretary

Claude D. Edwards – Treasurer

Joseph D. “Jody” Blackburn – Director

Pierce Boyd – Director

Davis S. “Buddy” Burton, Jr. – Director

Judge John H. England, Jr. – Director

Sam Faucett – Director

James I. Harrison, III – Director

Shelley Jones – Director

Gina Miers – Director

Anne Moman – Director

Lin Moore – Director

Pam Parker – Director

Leah Ann Sexton – Director

Hugh H. Stegall – Director


Glenn Taylor- President/CEO

Cynthia Johnson- Director of Development

Becky Elmore- Administrative Assistant

Former Directors

John L. Blackburn

Marion Combs

Susan Cork

Phyllis Gamble

Laura Gregory

Fred P. Hahn, Sr.

Tim Parker

Gordon Rosen

Charles Storey

William W. Walker, Jr.